Covering congressional oversight on GovTrack

With Democrats taking control of the House, we at GovTrack expect to see much more active congressional oversight of the executive branch starting in 2019. For this reason starting next year GovTrack plans to greatly expand our coverage of oversight activities such as committee hearings and ethics investigations. We expect Congress to expand on investigations of Russian interference in elections, mismanagement in the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the citizenship question on the 2020 census.

We will be adding a new oversight section to GovTrack featuring:

  • A list of current ongoing congressional investigations
  • Members, committees, and legislation relevant to those investigations
  • Summaries of the investigations
  • Links to key documents
  • A new tracking tool for email updates on congressional oversight

What would you like to see from coverage of oversight activities? Your suggestions will help us tailor our coverage to be as informative as possible


This plan of yours sounds great! I can’t think of any needed additions or imporvements at this tiem . . . But I appreciate you choosing to focus on these items, in addition to all your other lines of news and information . . .

Happy Holidays to all over there!

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Thank you for the kind words ! Happy holidays to you too!

I am not sure if this will do any good, but I’m desperate. Our government painfully needs to look into the on goings of CPS/DCFS etc. I’m not even sure if you guys even care, but perhaps you can point in the right direction. The system we have in place to supposedly protect our children and parents is horrifying. I will not go in to specifics, it’s a terrible stain of injucdice, manipulation, scare tactics and greed. If you can help me with helping me get the word out I’m taking any and all suggestions. I apologize I I have taken up any valued time.
Thank You,


Hi Mineh,

Unfortunately GovTrack is not a government affiliated website, and therefore we have no control over what types of federal investigations occur. This particular thread is intended for discussing current ongoing investigations by Congress.

However, I can recommend a few organizations you can contact who may be more helpful. They are:

The United States Government Accountability Office :

The Project on Government Oversight:

The Department of Justice:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation:

Best of luck,

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